Umali Lodge

Karatu, Arusha, Tanzania

Qurus Farm and Umali Neighbors

Qurus Farm belongs, together with Umali Lodge, to Umali Ltd businesses. It is a small sustainable operation characteristic of neighborhood farms in the area. Here we raise pigs for sale, provide a mill for use by neighboring farmers, raise crops of maize and sunflower, and keep a milk cow which provides milk for the Lodge. Two lodgings on the property house Beata, who supervises the pigs and the cow, and a house for Deemay and his family. Deemay acts as an overall manager for the farm and also assists in maintenance at the lodge. Bariki is our next door neighbor who can be seen assisting at the mill. All three help with the harvests and act as security guards for the fenced property. Additionally there are photos of neighbors both at Qurus and Umali. Umali Lodge has made a practice of giving milk cows to neighbors to help them improve their standard of living.
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